Sunday, April 09, 2017

New Pattern Release - Tidepools

I try hard not to make my entire blog an advertisement, but I am very excited to have finally gotten over the hurdle of writing a pattern for my Tidepools quilt that I made last year!  It was a tricky thing with the illustrations that had me hung up, but I finally got an urge pushed myself into figuring it out and got it finished.  I also had to decide whether to include both color variations or just concentrate on one.  In the end I decided to write it up with the more colorful version.
I'm glad that I finally got it finished, and I'm really pleased with the results.  I'm working on finishing up the instructions for two more patterns, so it's good that I learned some new tricks to make doing the illustrations a little easier.  Plus they will be more consistent from pattern to pattern so that will help as well.  You can see more about this quilt on this blog post.

This is the original quilt I made using the same design:

It's a little harder to explain color placement on this one because it's all blue and relies on value for the plan.  Plus that the other one is nicer as a cover quilt because of the color.  There are always so many decisions involved in writing a pattern!

I loved making this quilt both times, though.  There are a lot of triangles and flying geese, but it really is not hard to make, you just have watch your points.  Definitely worth the effort to see the end result!

If you would be interested in purchasing this pattern, it is available on Etsy - here.

I also offer my patterns wholesale. If you are interested, contact me at and I can send you my catalog.

Thanks for reading - I'm excited to show some new projects I'm working on, so stay tuned :)  And don't forget - tomorrow is a new Quilter's Recipe Box block using the nine-patch unit!

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