Friday, April 14, 2017

April UFO - Eiffel Tower quilt in Spring Colors

This Month's number the APQ's UFO Challenge is number 11 on my list, which is quite appropriate because it is an Eiffel Tower panel in lovely spring colors!

Of course, I probably won't have much time to work on this until after the 21st, but at least I can look at it and pet it while I think of what I want to do!  I thought I had some border fabric, but I haven't unearthed it yet.

My alteration pile is dwindling at a good rate, so I am excited to get to work on a quilting project!  I have a special person waiting for a lap quilt made from embroidery blocks salvaged from her dad's baby quilt!  I have fabric and blocks and just need to start sewing.  It's going to be a very special quilt and she has been patiently waiting!
I did some hand stitching on some of the blocks that had the thread loved right off of them!  Luckily most of the blocks are in good shape, though.  I'm a little nervous about sewing them, but once I get started I know it will be fine!

Those are my plans for next week, what are yours?  I'm linking up with BusyHandsQuilts for Finished or Not Fridays, why don't you join in as well!  It's fun to see what everyone is working on!

Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilts

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