Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tracy's Star Quilt

I have a lot of quilts that have never made it to my blog that I would really like to document, so I am going to try to add an occasional post about them.  

This star quilt was made in 2005 for my daughter Tracy after she graduated from high school.  I gave it to her when she left to live with her sister in Portland and go to school.  This quilt was made as a Round Robin block exchange I made with a group of friends.  I asked for bright stars on black backgrounds, and was really happy how all the blocks went together - I added the center and an assortment of different black tone on tone fabrics.  She requested a puffy tied quilt, so that's how it was finished.

When we visited in November last year, I saw that the corner fabrics on the center square had ripped.  All the rest of the fabrics look great, so I think that the fabric I used must have been not very good quality.  I brought it home to fix it up so she can continue to use it.  It's still in very good shape except for those squares!

To repair it, I cut 8 1/2 inch squares of black fabric and appliqued them by hand over the ripped squares.  I left the background triangles, since they still seem to look all right.
I'm glad I used a variety of black fabrics because the deeper black in the corners doesn't really look too bad!  I have learned that tied quilts are cozy and soft, but they don't hold up quite as well that quilts that are quilted, either by hand or machine.  This one has two layers of poly batting and the backing is a sheet.  It is probably a double size quilt.

I'm so happy that Tracy will be able to use and enjoy this quilt again, and I'm really grateful that I have the chance to add it to my blog!  I have quite a few pictures of quilts that I'll try to add as I have time - it's a great way to have a record of them so I can remember the details of how and why I made them.

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