Friday, March 10, 2017

Furry Friday - Shelter Pets are the Best!

We have had a lot of rescue pets over the past years.  None of them were technically adopted from a shelter, but they were all rescued directly from living on the streets of our town.  We didn't really plan on adopting any of them, but we say their need and opened our home and our hearts, and as a result our lives have been so much richer!  Because of this I was really excited to have the opportunity to create some beautiful and useful kennel quilts and send them to Rescue Express.  Now I want to tell you a little about my rescue pets, then show you a couple pets that are looking for a loving home, too.

First was our dog, Tipper was a border collie mix - very smart, but a handful!  My husband found her by the highway, tied to a pole with piece of yarn.  My kids begged and pleaded to keep her, so despite the fact that I don't consider myself to be a dog person, I relented.  She was a challenge, but a wonderful dog in the house.  A terror outside, but perfect indoors!  She lived a good long life, and we miss her greatly now.

We found Missy and Buster when they were just a few weeks old - we were picking blackberries and found them mewing in a pile of brambles.  No sign of mama anywhere and we were scared that these little ones were abandoned.  They came home with  us, and after treating them for a severe flea infestation as well as a UTI for Missy they grew up into the best cats we have ever had.  We were devastated when Buster had a mishap outdoors resulting in surgery to remove one of his eyes.  He recovered well from that and lived several happy years after.  Both cats are now gone, and we really didn't think we'd have another cat, but then we met Scamper.

Our current fur-kid is Scamper.  He is a constant source of entertainment.  Not much of a cuddler, but very smart and a lot of fun!  He is a former stray that one of my daughters brought home - just for the weekend.

A big thank you to Today's Sponsor of Furry Friday: Quilty Box!  Order their special edition box and all proceeds go to the Petfinder foundation - they do great work for animals!

We want to help a couple of pets find new homes this week! The first is Catnine -

Catnine lived a hard life before she was saved by Zeus' Rescues in New Orleans: Both her leg and her jaw had been broken. Still, she adores people, and she's ready for a loving home that will help her heal!
And the second is June -

This gentle, housetrained 6-year-old gal is comfortable around adults, children and other dogs, and even lived happily with a gecko! She's waiting for a new family at Animal Care Centers of NYC in Manhattan.

Please feel free to share these sweet girls on your social media! If you can't adopt a pet you can get involved my making kennel quilts like I did! There's also a fun virtual retreat happening on March 18 and March 19th. Here is the link to share for that. It's a great way to share the spirit of International Quilting Day!

Thanks for reading along, I'll be sharing the other Island Batik Ambassador's posts on Fridays as we participate. Each week will have a new sponsor and different bloggers. This week's bloggers are:

Purrfect Spots
PamelaQuilts  (me!)

If you have a pet, tell me about them in the comments.  Next friday, I'll draw a winner for a fun pet-related prize - all entries are eligible :)


Miriam said...

After we lost my dauvhter's first cat to cancer, we were devastated. She was given Spooky, a white cat with a blue eye and a green eye for her sixth birthday, and we lost him when she was a college freshman. After a lunch where I'd had a margarita, we stopped at the shelter and came home with two kittens and a puppy. Whatever was I thinking? We had our puppy for 11 years before she came down with cancer. The cats lived to be 17. All three are sadly missed. I have now moved to a farm and am surrounded (literally) by three dogs who had been abandoned in the country and found our farm. There must be a hobo dog sign on our post that says "kind hearted lady here" as two small dogs and one big dog have found their way down our lane, into our hearts and their forever home. Thank you for your stories. A house without a pet is sadly lacking.

teachpany said...

Sweet story. I have Hazel now, and had Taylor before her. Both were adopted from North Shore Animal League, and I don't think I can ever go without having a dog in my life.