Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A few Minutes for Piecing

Although this week isn't shaping up to include a lot of sewing time, I've been taking a few minutes a day to work on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt from three (I think) years ago - Celtic Solstice.  I started it back then, but ended up putting it away when other things intervened.  Instead of working on this year's mystery I decided to pull this older one out and work on it.  I'm almost done with step one now - but I ended up doing a little air sewing.  The bobbin ran out early on in this line of chain piecing.  Sad.

Oh well.  I'll get these finished up tomorrow and see what the next step hold for me!

Tomorrow is shopping, cleaning house and getting ready to host Bunco on Friday.  Looking forward to it!


maggie fellow said...

That would have been a better idea for me as well. I have way too many partial bonnie quilts

Becca said...

I had to pull out last year's mystery quilt and finish it. I didn't want to start this year without a finish from last year. I love it when people think they are behind on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I just say "there are still people working on Orca Bay and Celtic Solstice." Take all the time you need.