Monday, October 10, 2016

So Many Irons!

I bet I fooled you with that title - actually I only own one iron.  The irons I'm talking about are all the irons on my fire these days!  I have so many pending projects that I am actually a little scared to list them all.  It's a bit paralyzing to tell the truth.  What I've decided to do is just concentrate on what is in front of me one day at a time.
This is the next project to be quilted.  I was not thrilled with project from the very start.  I felt like it was a shame to applique those wedding ring sections to the squares and really procrastinated on working on it because I thought it was going to be awful.  And then, two different backgrounds?  What in the world was this going to look like?  I finally pushed myself into putting the blocks together, and guess what?  I love it!  I'm going to be on the lookout for a pile of those unfinished sections in the thrift shops so I can make one for myself.  

There are so many fun fabrics in the wedges - I'll take a few pictures as I quilt it to show you later.  This quilt is just going to get an overall quilting design on it - I'm thinking loops and hearts at the moment.  I got it basted today, so hope to have it finished by friday - the owner of the blocks is going to be very happy, I think!  

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