Saturday, September 17, 2016

Grandma Time

One of my favorite things right now in my life is being a Grandma!  It's such a special thing -  I really enjoy spending time with each one of them.  They are a bit noisy and tiring, but so cute! I am so grateful to be close enough to see them a few times a year, and see them as they grow and change.  We went to the music store today and little Jovi was excited to show me the pink guitar at the music store - she says she want it for her birthday.  Then we took a trip to Target.  Asher was excited to buy a spiderman glove.  He was hoping it shot webs, but it only made sounds...but he was actually ok with that.  He still owes Grandpa 8 favors for the dollar he was given to help him save up enough money.  Cole is funny - he loves his video games - or any other game.  We played Go Fish several times yesterday.

It's fun to have a break from sewing, but I get a little bored without my sewing machine and projects to work on!  I laughed when Asher said he was bored in the music store today...I said that I was bored too, I wish it was a fabric store!  I doubt that I'll go to any this trip, I'm a little outnumbered by the men this time, but maybe next time.

Today was sports pictures for the boys and a soccer game for Cole.  In the rain...luckily we scored a $5.00 umbrella as the sports club was selling off their extra stuff!  We have a football scrimmage later this afternoon, so it's a busy day.  I just might need a nap later!

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