Saturday, September 10, 2016


It's the 10th of September and time to share another tip using EQ7 to celebrate the 25th birthday of Electric Quilt!  Today I would like to share a tip for transforming a so-so block into a more interesting block.

Start out by designing a block (or using a block from the block library).  I designed this block.  I was looking for something that looked a bit like a thistle, I kind of liked the idea, but it was a little boring to me.

So, I used the Clip and flip tool to transform it into a better block:
I like this version a lot better!  You can purchase the block pattern on Etsy if you like - Swirling Thistle.  Just click on the picture below to download it.

 Download Block pattern

Here is how I did it.

Under the block menu click Serendipity, then Clip and Flip Block.

On the left side of the dialog box you can choose which block to work with.  This clip one fourth of the block and the flags on the buttons show you which way the section will be oriented.  The last one will give you random directions - kind of fun!  Save any blocks you think you like to your sketchbook.
When you try to open your block in the sketch book you will get this box - just go ahead and click edit. I picked a different variation to play with this time!

If you want to redraw it, just click the block menu and convert to guides. Then draw over the lines you want to keep for your block
I left out the center lines for a cleaner look, then had fun recoloring the block!

And then did an alternate version just for fun:

These are both interesting ideas for a block!

I hope you learned something new today and are inspired to play with some of the tools in EQ7 to create something unique!

Make sure you head over to QuiltShopGal's post and see what she has for today, as well as the other bloggers who are posting about Electric Quilt.  Don't forget to use #EQ25 in your social media posts to be in the running for a prize, as well as entering the drawings sponsored by Electric Quilt and Andover Fabrics this month!

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QuiltShopGal said...

Beautiful block. Inspirational idea for creating in EQ7. I too like the Serendipity tool, but had not seen anything like what you created before Total #CreativeGoodness. Thanks for sharing and inspiring