Saturday, August 06, 2016

Asian Ladies Wholecloth Quilt

This was an interesting project to work on - two ladies came into the quilt shop and fell in love with a piece of yardage.  They each wanted a quilt made out of it, just a simple quilt using the print with a black border and backing.  I figured out the cost, and they said "Let's do it!"

Here is what the finished quilts look like:

All I had to do was add 4 1/2 inch border strips to the outside of the fabric, layer the quilt sandwich, basted, quilt and bind!  Voila!  A quilt in an afternoon.

I did a swirly pattern with black thread.  It was nice not to have to worry about sewing over bumpy seam allowances!

I was hoping my pictures would come out all right - we've been having quite the windy summer here so it is hard to get pictures without corners flapping, or your quilt just blowing off the fence if you are fool enough to try it in the afternoon!

I'm making a quilt nest week that has enough piecing to make up for these plain and simple quilts...another feathered star quilt for a retirement celebration!  This time I will write up instructions.  This one will be for experienced quilters, some y seams and tricky piecing and cutting.  I like a challenge now and then, what about you?

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