Sunday, June 19, 2016

Whew!  It's been quite the week, but so much fun - my youngest girl is now a college graduate!  All of here sisters were there to celebrate the day and we had so much fun despite lots of driving, lots of walking and a cool and cloudy day.

So happy!  It was a tough year for her, but she did great and finished up well!  Before the evening ceremony we went out and had pizza.  We enjoyed spending a couple hours just talking and eating - there was an arcade for all the kids to enjoy.  Here is the whole crew plus the youngest grand daughter.  She was going on another no nap day and was getting a little unhappy.

We enjoyed having our oldest two daughters visit for the weekend before the graduation, and spent lots of fun time doing stuff with Asher, Cole and Jovi!  We haven't been able to visit as much this year and are definitely missing spending time with them.  After all that fun, there was work at the quilt shop, a dental appointment for me, and playing Bunco with two different groups on Friday.  What a busy week it was.  Thank goodness, I got to spend the whole day at home yesterday and do some sewing!

I got out this unicorn fabric I bought almost three years ago and made a couple of quilted journal covers. It was so enjoyable and relaxing to just play with fabric for the afternoon.  Of course, now I have to clean up the mess I made, so I can get more sewing done next week, but it was worth it.  I'll have to stay busy so I don't miss all that fun time with my family :)

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