Monday, May 02, 2016

May Flowers and Baskets

I had the fun of finding these pretty flowers on my porch when I went out the door yesterday!
I was interested to find out that not everyone is acquainted with the tradition of leaving May Baskets on the first of May.  In elementary school I remember making little paper baskets to fill with flowers and leave on the doorknob of the neighbors.  One of my sweet friends still does it and it is such a thoughtful gesture!  There were a few chocolates tucked in as well, such a nice treat for me.

I had a good sewing day yesterday.  I spent the afternoon making the Coral Queen of the Sea dolly and accessories:

So cute!  I am also working on a toddler quilt and tote bag to go with this.

Here are the pictures of that Lady Godiva Apron I made on Saturday:
 Note the hidden pockets!  I love pockets - I have got to have a place for my cell phone, random notes on paper and a pen.
I like that this apron has good coverage as well.  I like an apron that does a good job of protecting my clothes, because isn't that the point of wearing it?  Not how nicely this one coordinates with my workout outfit...I did that on purpose :)

I also spent a little time today working on my Quilts for Sale page - I added some individual listings and a live link to my Pattern shop on Etsy.  I still need to work on my Amazon Handmade shop.  It seems like all of this online marketing and merchandising takes more time away from what I actually want to do, which is sew and design.  It doesn't help that I'm not very disciplined and find myself spending time on facebook or pinterest.  So much inspiration out there.  Not to mention funny cat videos!

Wendy Sheppard posted a wrap-up from the Creative New Quilts and Projects blog hop that I participated in earlier this year.  My project is at the end as it was the last one in the book.  It's fun to see all our projects in one post - it really shows the versatility of the projects in the book!

Time to get get my steps in for the day...then some house cleaning and sewing are on my list.  I am loving the wonderful weather we are having the past few days, I'll probably sneak in a little gardening as well!  My strawberries are going crazy and the weeks are trying to take over my herb garden.  Hope your day is filled with sunshine of some sort, outdoors, or quilty!

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