Friday, April 08, 2016

Quilting with Scraps

It's no secret that I love quilting with scraps. It seems like ages since I actually got to work on a scrap quilt, so have been looking through my pictures to find some that I have made.  My favorite is this one, and I have plans to make several more when I can.

This quilt is known as a strip quilt.  It is made by sewing strips (or strings!) of fabric onto a stabilizing base.  The strips can be of any width desired, and can be uneven in width.  The more unappealing the contrast, the better I say!  It just makes it all the more crazy and wonderful.

If you leave a diagonal line going through the center of the block, it works like sashing! These were blocks I swapped with members of my Quiltsy Team on Etsy years ago.

You can even make small things out of strip piecing, like this mug rug.  Getting the right colors is a little trickier with a smaller piece, sometimes it's better to be a little more coordinated.

I've got a couple big bins full of strips waiting to pieced into some fun projects, so I'd better get busy on them.  They breed, I think. If I turn my back I may have 3 bins before I know it!  Time to put all those scraps to use for sure!

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