Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Deciding the Layout for March MiniMadness quilt

I've been having fun making these little blocks and finished enough yesterday so I can decide how I want to lay them out!  I have many options:
Squares with light points in.

Squares with light point out.

Rotate the center squares.

I created 10 different layouts and could have continued on!  I picked the four I liked best and I hope you will help me choose which one to make!  In the layout below I have labeled them with A, B, C and D.  Leave a comment here or on my facebook page and let me know what you like!

Here they are:

Thanks for helping me come to a decision!

1 comment:

suz said...

C is the best choice. It has movement and shows off your great fabric choices.

S.J. Schaum