Monday, January 18, 2016

Mail Call

It's always fun to get a squishy package of fabric in the mail - this week I had two packages! I am gathering fabric for two custom order quilts.  This package is for a lap quilt made of breast cancer fabrics.
I ordered different fabrics from an assortment of Etsy shops and these were the first to arrive.  The price for the fabrics was great, I got two yards for about $11.00!  They were packaged super nicely and the branding was nicely done.  I even got a cute little button - "Idle Yarn is the CATS play thing"
I would definitely shop from Slipped Stitch Fabrics again, I was very pleased with my purchase!

I also ordered a kit from Cotton Boll Quilting - not on Etsy, but they have their own website.  
Looks festive, doesn't it?  
I was slightly put off by the high shipping estimate, but was very happy to see that when the item shipped the price was reduced to the actual shipping price of a priority flat rate envelope.  This is what I am going to make out of these, but with a solid center as a table topper:
Two thumbs up for both of these shops!  Definitely check out Cotton Boll Quilting if you like kits - they have a great assortment of them.

Both of these reviews are simply my opinion of the items and service I received from these shops.  I was not paid or compensated in any way for my purchases, I was simply delighted with them and wanted to share with my readers.

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