Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Feel so Smart - NOT!

I stayed up way too late last night trying to figure out how to add a signature to the end of my blog posts.  Google was of some help, but I didn't have any success until I finally read this article.  I was really delighted when I saw it finally show up.  That is the feeling smart part of this post.

The NOT part comes from realizing about 3/4 of the way through appliqueing the leaf that I had turned my background upside down.  Boo.  Since I was mostly done, I finished, and I am putting it in my finished pile for now.  I might decide to do it over, but we'll see.  Maybe I'll keep it because it adds charm to the quilt.  And only God is perfect.  Yeah, I can go with that one!  With no further ado - here is the 12th triangle in the top row.  I did this one with freezer paper applique and machine stitched the triangle on the top.  I used the triangle template to cut out my background by tracing around it and cutting a bit on the outside of the line to allow for shrinkage due to the applique. (I think this where I went wrong, as I traced the line on the wrong side, then used it for the front side so I could center the applique.) After I finished sewing, I pressed it and trimmed to the correct size.

I also finished G-4.  Foundation paper pieced perfection.  Those center pieces were sooo tiny!  I also realized that anytime I am estimating the size of a half square triangle piece, I should just add 1/4 of an inch to my estimate.  The second row of triangles were barely big enough!

I am looking forward to more piecing of the star blocks for the baby clothes quilt and a nice walk later this afternoon - a pleasant and pieceful day in my home (as long as I don't have to do too much reverse sewing!).  I hope your day is pleasant as well!
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