Saturday, December 12, 2015

Movie Theater Popcorn

Wouldn't you think for what they charge at the movie theater for popcorn that you could expect at least a decent bag of popcorn?  When we went to go see In The Heart of the Sea today the cashier not only really tried to upsell us the huge Star Wars Plastic Bucket of popcorn, but acted pretty put out that we wouldn't even shell out the extra 25 cents for a large instead of medium.  Then, when we got in the theater and sat down we found that she seems to have scraped up all the small and semi burnt pieces at the bottom of the popper especially for us!  Honestly, I felt like taking it back to the counter for a refund, but I resisted.  I settled for sending them a message on their facebook page.  I mean, you take it for granted that movie theater popcorn is a rip-off, but I really felt taken advantage of after this bag!  At least the movie was worth it - we really enjoyed it.  I never realized that whale oil was actually used for in that time.  Excellent movie, but definitely not for the younger kids.

Rant was a nice relaxed day today.  I remembered to take a couple pictures of our decorations!  The quilt above the mantle came from the book Calendar Quilts. One of my goals is to make all the quilt in this book.  I think I have four or five left.  Maybe in 2016!
Our tree is looking good!  So glad I bought a new stand for it - it's such a nice looking tree for being artificial.  We should get many more years of use out of it now.
This quilt is a round robin.  It gets a lot of compliments when I put it out.

And a picture of our Scamper.  He is such a funny cat.  I keep catching him looking at the Angel on top of the tree.  Hope he doesn't get any ideas!  This week he is sleeping in the recliner.  So funny the way he changes his favorite spots around every week.  Last week it was the back of the loveseat.

Not too much sewing today, but I finished the sewing for step one of the Allietare mystery and started cutting step two.  Maybe I can catch up this week if I work a bit at it!  I've got the curtain panels cut from the good fabric, and the company is sending fabric to make up for the flaw.  I'll get those done early this week and have the rest of the month fairly free!  Tomorrow I am devoting to Allietare and possibly starting to quilt the last year mystery as well.

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