Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Barn Quilt for Oktoberfest 101

I thought it might be fun to start keeping a record of what I do on Wednesdays when I work at the local quilt shop.  My duties are varied, and I keep busy with all kinds of projects there. One of the things I do at Threads That Bind is create blocks for the quilt runs we participate in.  This year the coastal shops are doing a promotion they are calling Oktoberfest 101.  If you stop by any of the shops on the Oregon Coast you can enter to win a $50.00 visa gift card and pick up a free Quilt Barn pattern.  Here is the sample for the block I designed:

I like how it turned out, and it was fun to quilt it!  We used the pieces of leftover sky fabric from our row by row kits for the kits...nothing goes to waste if we can help it.

Today I started cutting for some kits for this quilt:

We are out of solid white fabric right now, so I have to wait to assemble the kits until we get that in.  I just realized that I haven't written a post on the finish for this yet, so I guess that will go on my list as well!

I also did inventory on the remaining row by row kits and counted the orders we have right now.  Looks like I need to cut about 100 of those for when we are able to send them out in November, that should keep me busy while the boss goes to quilt market next week! 

I also helped pull fabrics for a shop sample of a really cute quilt with gold fish - we had to choose 6 orange and gold batiks and 7 blue ones.  I enjoy doing that!  It's always fun to start a new project, and sometimes it's even more fun when you don't have to do the sewing - choosing fabric is always one of my favorite jobs.  

Other than that, I put fabric away, waited on a few customers and helped with some computer tasks.  That's a lot of work for just four hours, so it went by very quickly!  I'll be working extra days next week while the boss is gone, so I'll have more quilt shop posts - I think it will be fun to take you behind the scenes in my work there.

I also wanted to share about the Blog Hop I am currently a part of!  This is for a great new book co-written by one of my Island Batik Ambassador group  - You Can Quilt!  This is a terrific book, ideal for the beginner quilter.  Make sure you check out the various posts and enter to win some terrific prizes, including several copies of the book and fabric!

Here is the line-up:
Bloggers are by Date, Chapter, Name, Blog

Oct. 9 – Ch. 1. Basics - Leila Gardunia - co-author -

Oct. 12 – Ch. 2. HST - Tammy Silvers

Oct 14 – Ch 3. QST - Connie Kresin Campbell

Oct. 16 – Ch 4. Flying Geese - Maryellen McAuliffe

Oct 19 -- Ch. 5. Wonky - Christine McCrann Martinez

Oct. 21 – Ch. 6. Improvisation - Connie Kauffman

Oct. 23 -- Ch. 7. Foundation Paper Piecing - Joan Kawano

Oct. 26 – Ch. 8. Curves - me! - Marlene Oddie

Oct. 28 -  Ch 9. One-Patch Blocks - Bea Lee

Oct. 30 – Ch. 10. Applique - Barbara Gaddy 

Nov. 2 – Ch. 11. Inset Seams - Pamela Boatright

Nov. 4 – Ch. 12. Challenge Blocks - Linda Stewart Pearl http://

Nov. 6 – Ch. 13.  Finishing – Marlene of Kissed Quilts will share a variety of ways to finish off your blocks that aren't covered in the book.

It's a ways until my post, thank goodness because I need to work on my blocks!  Today is Connie's turn and she made her blocks into a lovely table runner.  I'm not sure what I am going to do yet, but I know it's going to be lovely in the pretty Island Batik fabrics I have!  

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