Sunday, September 06, 2015

Enjoying the weekend

Yes, I know that technically it is a three day weekend, but I really do have to do some actual sewing work tomorrow, so I guess we crammed all of our fun into two days!  We had a great day yesterday and drove up the coast for a late lunch.  We took a nice walk along the bay as well and it was a glorious day on the coast:
When we got home I took an hour and finished cutting out all the flying geese for the sashing on the quilt I was doing from those beautiful Island Batiks I got earlier this year.  Today I had the entire afternoon to just sew away, and I did!  I got the whole top finished!

I generally like to work in high contrast, but I am loving the way these fabrics all blend together and give a nice transparency effect.  I even had enough of that lovely sunflower print for a pretty border on it!  I just love working with these Island Batik fabrics, they have a wonderful soft hand and the colors are just so attractive.  These blues are all from the Meadow Collection, look for them now in your local quilt shop!  

They remind me of the lovely water at Winchester Bay.  I had a suggestion that this quilt could be called Tidepools, so I think that is what I am going to call it.  The pattern should be available at the end of September!  

Hope you have a good holiday weekend and get to do whatever it is you like best. 

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