Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop

Today is my turn on the Summer in the Country Blog Hop!  I've always been a country girl at heart, so I thought the theme was really fun - so many ideas for projects ran through my head!  For us, summer in the Country means going out fishing and enjoying nature nearby.  We always have our folding camp chairs in the back of the car so we can stop and enjoy time outdoors - often as my husband spends time fishing.  This means I am frequently juggling my phone and kindle when he needs a hand with his gear - so for one of my projects I designed this pocket to sit on the arm of my chair so I have a safe place to put my electronics when I need to!

I started out quilting a piece of fabric for the body of my chair pocket (these are all from the Island Batik Meadow collection - such pretty blue fabrics!)  I followed the design of the fabric and quilted small clamshells or fans.  I measured my phone and kindle to make a simple pocket out of a doubled piece of coordinating fabric, then stitched it into the binding!  I just added a line of stitching to separate the two pockets.  

I added a couple of snaps to keep it from sliding off the chair.  Perfect!  Now I don't have to worry about dropping my stuff every time I have to get up - plus this doubles as a pocket for the side of the bed, just slip the back between the mattress and the box spring to keep your phone handy at night when you are traveling, or when you are home!

I'm also working on a quilt using more of the Meadow fabrics, plus some of the Island Batik screen prints - I didn't have time to finish, but here is the block.  I love the way the sunflower print looks as the center block - it was the perfect spot for a bit of fussy cutting!

Here is an idea of what it will look like as a finished quilt -

Designed in EQ7.  I can't wait to make time to work on this beauty!  I have the blocks done, just need to work on the sashing.  I haven't decided what to name it yet, if you have a suggestion, let me know!

Now for the recipe I have to share!  This is one of my favorite summer dishes - Mom's Potato Salad!
Yes, this is one of those recipes that you make by taste, no precise measuring, you just add this and that, tasting as you go until it tastes just right.

First of all, you have to boil some potatoes.  Mom's rule of thumb was always at least one potato per person plus a few more so you have leftovers.  I like them peeled, and I diced these fairly small.  You can leave them in larger chunks if you like.  Cover with water and cook until soft, but not falling apart.  

Boil a few eggs while they are cooking. I like lots of egg in my salad, so I had four potatoes and three eggs.
When everything is cooled, dice into smaller pieces.
Add some chopped onion if you like.  We like lots of onion.  You can add some diced pickle if you like, but my better half doesn't care for them, so I skip that part.
Add some Mayo, salt and pepper.
Time for the secret ingredient - a squirt of mustard.  Mom always told me not to tell dad that we added it!  I think it adds a nice zest and color to the salad.
Mix it all up!  If it seems a bit dry, add some more mayo.  Taste to make sure you have enough salt and pepper.
Make sure you refrigerate it, especially if you want to enjoy the leftovers later.  I think this is the best Potato Salad ever, and it is one of the first things my mom taught me how to make.  The taste of this just makes me remember all those fun summer times at home!  Hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog, and my take on Summer in the Country!

Make sure to enter the Island Batik giveaway - such pretty fabrics!

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Connie Kauffman said...

Your quilted pocket was a great idea! Love your quilt blocks too!

Cecilia said...

I like your quilted pocket, it's a great idea! Thanks for the block pattern, too. This is the way I make my potato salad!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What a perfect project! I make my potato salad the same except I leave out the pickles and add celery. My mom made it the same way and all of our family loves it. Thanks for sharing!

Betty said...

Awesome pocket idea, love it. I'm always knocking things of the chair arm lol. This is like Moms potato salad except she adds celery and when we have been really good some bacon. Yum!

Needled Mom said...

That chair organizer is such a great idea and the potato salad sounds yummy. I agree with you that it needs mustard!

beaquilter said...

great projects and yummy potato salad, I have two potatoes that are baked already, totally want to make these into a salad now!

Calicojoan said...

Great chair pocket, and I love the block and quilt you have planned. Potato salad sure says summer doesn't it!

Unknown said...

love the chair organizer and the step by step potato salad recipe!

JANET said...

You could name the blue quilt Blue Lagoon, or Tide Pool. It reminds me of sunlight reflecting off a dark pond.

Unknown said...

I love your pattern and block and was taught to make the same potato salad when I was growing up. As a matter of fact you made me hungry for it so I guess I'll go make some (but mine has to have the pickles)

teachpany said...

Great post! I love the pocket and the quilt is going to be stunning! Thanks for the free block! And the recipe sounds yummy. Perfect for Summer in the Country!

mumbird3 said...

Mmmmmmm.... You have made me hungry for potato salad! Nice block!

LJ said...

Great idea for your chair! I do love that block - the sunflower in the center is perfect.

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

The sunflower print looks great in the center of the block!

Tu-Na Quilts said...

My mom says the same about measuring how many potatoes to make. One would never want to run out....way better to make too much. We also use the same recipe for the potato salad.