Monday, August 03, 2015

In Hot Water!

And I am so glad!  I had quite a shock yesterday when I went to take a shower and there was only ice water coming from my tap - at least that is what if felt like.  I went downstairs and discovered the breaker had been tripped.  As an afterthought I decided to check on the hot water heater and as soon as I opened the closet door where it is I knew there was trouble - I could hear water running!

I called my husband down to shut off the water and we pondered what to do for the rest of that afternoon.  Our budget is tight this month and calling a plumber was out of the question.  We decided that we could probably handle the job ourselves, so did a little research online and planned our purchase out.  We were very pleased to find a heater in store that was not listed online - for a savings of $125.00!  With the purchase of a few additional supplies we were set.

It took us about three hours, but we managed to take out the old broken one and install the brand new one without too many problems (yes, we did need to make one trip to the store for new water lines and had a small spray of water before we got the fittings tight enough).  And now we have hot water...just wonderful and very much appreciated.  Laundry and dishes are getting done and I had a lovely warm shower.  I will spare you the pictures, a busted water heater is no treat for the eyes!

No sewing done today, but I feel like we accomplished a lot!  Lots of sewing to do tomorrow, I hope to work some more on my Island Batik project!  Lots of  triangles in this one - I'm enjoying it.

Make sure you go check yesterday's post with my first August Giveaway - lots of fun comments to read, too!  Please share it with your friends as well - the more, the merrier!

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