Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Origins Quilt

This quilt was made as a wedding quilt for my number 4 daughter, Tracy and her husband, Mark - I love how it came out.  I gave them a lifetime warranty on this, if it ever gets damaged or they get tired of it they can return it for a replacement at no charge!

I bought an Origins fat quarter bundle right before their wedding four years ago and have spent the past few years shuffling it around my sewing room while looking for just the right pattern!  The funny thing is that when I got several of the blocks sewn I realized that I had sewn them wrong - I did a quick poll on facebook and decided to leave them as they were and make it a unique design.

I added a couple extra rows of blocks to make this a king size quilt, it took a bit of math skills, and I ended up doing all the figuring twice because I let too much time pass betwen the planning stage and the sewing stage.   I bought a nice traditional looking light brown paisley extra wide fabric for the backing.  I had to move my dining room table out of the room to make enough space to lay this out for basting.  The batting is Warm and Natural.   After going through my thread choices I decided to order a spool of Aurifil 50 weight in light lemon to use for the quilting.

It took me over a week to do all the quilting.  I realized I was running low on thread about halfway through and ordered a second spool.  Good thing!  There are over 13 bobbins of thread in this one (and the matching amount for the top thread, of course!)

I've never needed more than one spool of Aurifil to quilt a quilt before, so I know this is a large one!  I was so excited to finally give it to them - luckily they came to visit for their 10 year high school reunion so I got to give it to them in person.  I laid it on the bed in the guest room and had them come up to see "something".  They were very excited to see it - and it was such a happy moment to know that they were just as delighted with this quilt as I was!  I am so glad I got to make this beautiful quilt for them and know it will be loved and cherished.  It was well worth every moment of the making!


2208 pieces
40 fat quarters (20 dark and 20 light)
Yardage for pinwheels and borders
3 Yards of 120 wide backing
Warm and Natural batting
Finished size - 92 x 110
Over 1 spool of Aurifil 50 wt thread for quilting (hearts and loops)


Tawa said...

A lovely quilt, with an amazing guarantee. No doubt they will cherish the work you put into the quilt.

Sewmotion said...

Sometimes the best quilts are made through error, or experimentation as I like to call it! This is beautiful and well done on all that quilting, an heirloom to treasure.

Lara B. said...

Very sweet surprise Pamela! Your quilt is lovely and I'm sure they'll never grow tired of it. Your lifetime warranty is a fun idea. :)

Sharon - IN said...

What a lovely gift! I like Origin, made a BOM from it way back when.