Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baxter's Rainbow Bridge Art Quilt

Earlier this month I was contacted about quilting an art quilt, and after seeing the top accepted the job.  When I received the top I was very pleased at how pretty it was and was very happy to see how nicely made and perfectly flat it was (sometimes art quilts can be pretty lumpy and bumpy!)  I have enjoyed getting to know the maker of this quilt top as we have chatted back and forth about how to quilt it and have so much enjoyed getting to know Kay!

I took a picture of the quilt top and printed it up to do some doodling on it.  Kay was interested in a greek key type design and when I doodled it on the quilt it definitely looked like a great design.  We also decided to just stitch in the ditch around the solid borders - quilting those just seemed too busy.

 It's pretty subtle, but when you look closely this quilt is delightfully wonky!  The strips aren't all the same same size, and there are some subtle angles going on in the rows of strips.  It really is a quilt that pulls you in and makes you want to look closer.
 The outside border is quilted with a hook and loop design, you can't really see it, but it softens the angles of the inside a bit and adds a nice bit of texture.
 I matched the thread to the strips for the stitch in the ditch portions as well as the outer border, but for the greek key design chose a peacock blue!  So pretty!  I think it adds just the right amount of contrast without being too bold.
The best part of quiting this was when I cast off my concern about making the greek keys perfect.  It was really better for them to be more uneven because it accents the way the strips are uneven as well!  As you can see, I got to try it out in several different sizes.  I have to say, it looks great in any size, and I will definitely add this design to my list of border and sashing designs for future quilts.

Kay was inspired by another blogger to make this quilt, so if you like this quilt, Exuberant Color will really inspire you as well!

I will be binding this quilt today and getting it ready to return to it's owner.  She made this in memory of her dog, Baxter, and I am sure it will be a comfort to her.  Not only have I enjoyed working on her quilt, but I feel I have made a new friend.  Funny how quilting does that!

Speaking of friends, my fellow Island Batik Embassadors feel like friends as well, especially after seeing their sewing areas!  Just a few more to go - stop by and visit Patti at Lemon Tree Snippets

Don't forget to comment on my studio post to enter the drawing for the Island Batik strip bundle I am giving away on my post as well - I will be drawing for that on Friday, July 31!

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barbara woods said...

love your quilt, i do a lot of scrap quilts