Thursday, June 25, 2015

I'm Back!

I can't believe a month has passed since I last posted!  It was a bit of a crazy month - I had to have a root canal, we've been dealing with our mortgage company, went up to Portland for Jovie's birthday party and had a visit from our grandkids here at our house.  So lots of good things mixed with some of the stressful things.

My root canal went great!  I could not believe how quickly and painlessly my tooth was cared for.  Now I have to go in for a crown, but I am very relieved that the first part of the procedure went so well.  Now it is just paying for it all...oh well!  Teeth are important!

My husband completed his treatment for Basal Cell carcinoma on his nose.  I can't complain, because between the Mohs surgery and the following skin graft he really went through a rough time.  He is healing quite well, might need a little laser revision on the graft to make it look better, but we are greatful that the graft took well and is healing nicely.

Our primary mortgage company has taken us on a rough trip between losing paperwork, somehow having the wrong social security number on my records, and sending us some very perplexing paperwork.  Hopefully it is all straghtened out now.  Of course all of this happens after we decide to stay in our home for the time might have been easier to go through with a short sale!  On the happy side, our second mortgage company agreed to a modification and it only took two weeks to send all paperwork back and forth to cut that payment in half!  Whew!

So on to the interesting stuff - what have I been sewing and how did I do with my May goals?

1)  Finish Quiltsy Block of the Month 2012 top - 3 blocks to go!
2)  Finish Star Shuffle finished - just need to photograph
3)  Finish Quilting Blue and White Stars  Done!
4)  Baste and Quilt the top I finished in March. Finished and given to the kids!
5)  Complete Shop Sample  Came out beautifully and hanging in the shop now.
6)  Finish piecing Joy Quilt - Added the skinny rainbow border.  Lots more to do, but I am making progress.

I think I did very well getting as much done as I did!  I also squeezed in a darling Ariel quilt for my grand-daughter Jovie's birthday as well.
Isn't she a doll?  We had so much fun visiting her and her brothers (and mom and dad, of course) in their home, then had another weekend of fun when they visited us here in our home!  Four hours isn't too bad, and we are glad we get to see our kids and grandkids as often as we do.  Still, two weekends in a row meant that half of June sped by without a lot of time for quilting.

I do have few project finishes to share, so I'll be posting those in the next week and hopefully getting back into a better routine now that there aren't so many stressful things going on in my life.  I'm looking forward to showing some of what I am working on and coming up with more new pattern designs as well as sharing some tutorials using the new rulers I have been collecting lately!

Back to stitching!

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