Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday Meanderings

I had a lovely weekend - did some sewing, had a good time going to a movie and out to lunch, and generally just enjoying some down time!  Then I had a good productive day today as well.  I have most of the borders done on my blue and white quilt - since the border is dark blue and the quilting will hardly show I decided that I will just quilt a simple swirl on it.  I think I might actually finish the quilting tomorrow...then I need to find the binding for it!  I know I had a plan, but I am not sure what it was right now.

I also pieced the sky for this shop sample I am working on - I cut the pieces yesterday while watching television.  I forgot to get the fabric for the most important part of the scene - the lighthouse!  I am going to go ahead and finish piecing the background since the lighthouse is part of the applique that goes on top. I can also get the pieces traced onto the fusible, so I can keep making progress on this one.

Looking forward to another good day tomorrow - we do have some errands to do, but I am excited to keep working on my projects, so that will motivate me to get it done quickly!

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