Monday, April 27, 2015

Wear Your Sunscreen!

Last week was a super busy week, my husband had a skin graft on the area of his nose where he had to have a skin cancer removed.  Then I had to work two full days at the quilt shop, and spent three days away at our church ladies retreat.  Whew.  Today I had a lot of household stuff to catch up with and tomorrow it's back to the dermatologist to get stitches out and check the skin graft.

Please make sure to wear your sunscreen - even a little skin cancer is no fun.  My poor guy has a wound the size of a dime on his nose.  He also now has a scar about four inches long down the side of his neck where the skin graft donor site was.  His poor nose has a large bandage and lots of staples and stitches.  We are hoping for a good report on the graft tomorrow.  This has really been a harder ordeal than either one of this thought it would be, and we are both hoping to be done with the dermatologist soon and on the road to healing.  He's been a real trooper, despite my busy week with not much time to help him out.  Good thing he is pretty independant!

I did get to work on some quilting today, and have the Star Shuffle top put together!  It needs the borders and will be ready for quilting soon.  I'll post pictures tomorrow when the light is better.  I have really enjoyed this quilt, a bit of a challenge, but not too hard!  Lots of bias seams, but it all came together pretty smoothly.  I did get a couple pieces out of order, so have to unstitch a couple seams to sew one of the side pieces in the right place.  Leave it to me!  I'm going to clean up my sewing room and work on my Craftsy block of the month tomorrow - the month is almost over and I haven't made much progress yet, yikes!

This sweet little baby quilt will be on its way to Colorado tomorrow - I need to make some more of these cute flannel quilts!

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