Friday, March 20, 2015

Right, Left, Right

I posted my dilema about what version of the quilt to make and got feedback on Facebook and here.  Everyone who posted on my blog said to make the blocks as I started to.  Most of the people on Facebook prefered that version as well.  The group that preferred the original version?  My real life quilting friends!  Really interesting, don't you think?  It was quite funny on the Quilting page on facebook.  It sounded like they were calling out a marching beat at times with the comments - Right, Left, Right, Right, Right!

I am going to continue on making the blocks as I started to - I don't want to rip, I do like the way the EQ7 mock-up looks, and it makes the quilt more unique!  I finished another set of four blocks yesterday and here is my progress:
I am short of light fabrics for the background of the triangles and squares so I had to find some light neutrals  I found a pack of Fat Quarters (Key Lime Sorbet by Quilting Treasures) that looks like it will work - fingers crossed.  I ordered them from Green Fairy Quilts.  It was the last one.  The price said $51.00 which was not bad.  Then when I looked back at the site right afterwards I saw the price on their fat quarter bundles had dropped!  My typical luck, things always go on sale right after I buy them, but within moments of purchasing - well, that's just not fair!  I sent them an e-mail and Clint very kindly refunded the difference.  I will defininitely check them out next time I need fabic.

Also check out Judi's blog - GreenFairyQuiltsBlog.  Her quilting is fabulous!  I follow a lot of quilting blogs and hers is one of my favorites, I'm sure you will enjoy it as well.

Now, I am going to go tackle the roman shades I keep talking about.  They are almost finished.  I need to mount the heading boards and string them (hopefully the hardware store will have the weight rods in for the bottoms).  The worst part is braiding the strings after they are done.  Good thing I have some episodes of Quilting Arts on DVR to watch while I do that!

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