Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Happy Etsyversary!! PamelaQuilts is 9 years old tomorrow!

Which means this blog of mine is also 9 years old as I started both around the same time!  How about we celebrate with some cupcakes:

Want to see an overload of awesome looking cupcakes?  Just try searching on Pinterest!  Too many to choose from :)

Since I can't actually give you any cupcakes, I will give you a 9% discount in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow with the coupon code CUPCAKE!  That seems like a nice little party favor for all my friends!

In addition to that, I will give an additional 9% to the Calliope Joy Foundation because I am the featured quilter on the Quiltsy Team blog today.  We are celebrating Worldwide Quilting day by featuring team members and their charities all month long!  Check out our Facebook Page to see the new feature each day, or follow our blog.

Thanks for reading my blog!



Unknown said...

Congratulations! Oh Captain, My Captain! Also I am gonna need one of those cherry limeade cupcakes as soon as possible! See you in Quiltsyland!

Soma @ inkTorrents.com said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful. I will try to find and eat a cupcake to celebrate with you :)


Jasmine said...

Congratulations! What a big benchmark.