Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Block Short!

There I was, sewing like mad on my Grand Illusion quilt.  Since this is a scrappy quilt that really didn't need to be laid out in order, I was working in my usual not really organized kind of way, sewing sashing strips to blocks, blocks into pairs, cornerstones onto sashing a few at a time.   This keeps it from getting too boring, and keeps me moving so that I don't sit too long and get stiff!  Anyway, after getting two rows sewn together I decided to actually count out the remaining units and discovered that I was a block short!  WHAT!

 When I sewed the blocks together last weekend I had a few leftover units at the end.  Those units did not include a center square so I assumed I had the correct number of blocks, but I must have been short one of the centers (as well as three of the pesky double diamond units - phooey!)  I ended up making one more block so I could get the center of the top finished today!   I still have to add the borders.  Actually I have to finish the border units first, so it will probably be another weekend before I get the entire top together, but I am very pleased with my efforts today.

Did you have a productive day as well?  What are you working on?  I hope you are enjoying your quilting time as much as I am!

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teachpany said...

Yay for you! Looks great! You are further along than I am. I have parts 1 and 2 done, and parts of the rest. I'm working on them, slowly.