Sunday, November 02, 2014

UFO Challenge for September - Mariner's Compass Round Robin

I am pleased to say that I have successfully figured out how to get my pictures from my old laptop to the new one!  Whew.  I haven't got them all done yet, but I am working on it.  I did have a little snafu with my documents and ended up putting a big lot of them into One Drive.  Not sure if I like that, but I will give it a bit and see if I can deal with it.  As you can tell, change is an issue for me....

My EQ files for this quilt are dated from 2007.  I think this project is a bit older than that, but since I am not sure I will go with that date for now.  This was a round robin done with a group of ladies in my quilt guild.  I made the center Mariners compass and the various rows were added.  I had thoughts of finishing this into a queen size quilt for my bed, but after talking it over with my husband decided to finish it off as is into a lap quilt.  Here is my EQ6 plan:
I would have added starting at the solid blue border.  Here is what it looks like finished without the extra borders:
It would have bee pretty with the extra borders, but it would have been a lot of work and since I decided to place it in my Etsy shop for sale it made a lot more sense to finish it at a smaller size.  I am happy to have it out of the bottom of my project drawer in any case!  The quilting is hard to show.  I only quilted it with black thread in the black areas, except for the center, which I did in blue threads.
It's not a super fance quilting job, but it looks nice.  Can you tell it was a nice sunny day when I was taking these?

I love the backing fabric!  It works really well with the front and gives it a nice modern touch.  I used Quilter's Dream Black Poly in this one and it is wonderful to quilt with!  Black Aurifil thread made the quilting so pleasant, no breaking threads at all.  This quilt measures 60 x 60 and is available here in my Etsy Shop

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