Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Quilting like it's 1995

How old are your UFO's?  I've been digging through that box of unfinished Quilt Block of the Month kits from guild meetings and found a nice oldie today!  This one is dated February 1995 - I'm hoping this is the oldest one because I'm feeling a bit embarrassed by the amount of slacking off it appears I've been doing.

I know exactly why I didn't get this one done, too.  I generally wait until the afternoon of quilt guild before I work on my BOM and I know I didn't have time to get this one done in an afternoon.  Plus that, this is a block that you have to applieque!  Yes, the dreaded A-word.  I do nice applique, but I don't particularly like doing it, so I'm sure that helped me decide that I was just going to skip this one.  At any rate, it's getting done now, and will make a nice addition to my collection of blocks!

I'm also working on finishing up this Butterfly quilt.  I have spent a long time hand quilting all the alternate blocks with a pretty design, then machine stitched around all the butterflies.  I'm debating on whether I want to add more machine stitching or call it good.  I'm ready to finish this one up and get to the next one - a Grandmother's Flower Garden in green shamrock prints!  Actually quite pretty.  That is on my list to be basted this evening so I guess I'd better get busy...where did I put that spool of basting thread?

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