Saturday, July 26, 2014

Did someone say Squirrel?)

HA!  I had great plans for today, but got a bit distracted...what's new?  I moved a box of packaged block kits from the Block of the Month program at my quilt guild and decided I should start making them up.  Today when I tried to pick out one block I realized I had a set of 4 completed blocks plus one kit from 2000.  That's the year all the blocks were made using the same fabrics so you could put them all together into a sampler if you wanted.  So I decided to make the last block and use all 5 in a top.  I added some sashing and setting blocks and am stuck at this point.  Nothing in my stash looks decent at all with what I've done so far.  So I suppose my options are to finish it as is with no borders, go shopping for a border or work on it later.
I'm not going to let this become one of those UnFinished Objects (UFOs) so I am going to see if anything strikes me when I go shopping tomorrow.  If not, it will be finished as is and marked off the list!  I was going to use the fabric at the bottom for the border, but it does nothing for the quilt, so will put it on the back instead...I am determined to use it one way or the other!

Then I pulled out fabric for a very big project I want to work on.  I decided that I don't have nearly enough background fabric for that one, so just did the math for enlarging it to the size I need.  I've added that to my list for tomorrow, so hopefully can start sewing on that - it requires 80 blocks, so definitely a long term project, but one that's been on my list for a long while.

Well, that was my day, not too exciting, but it was fun to play with these blocks.  They are kind of pretty, even if they aren't my favorite colors.  It will make a nice quilt for someone!

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