Saturday, June 21, 2014

Never Again!

Do you have something that you just don't like to do, but somehow you end up doing it now and again?  And then you say, Never Again!  Vending at a craft fair is one of those things for me.  In a moment of weakness I say something like this "Oh, that sounds like fun." and I end up lugging all of my stuff to some out of the way place, standing most of the day on a hard floor, smiling and trying to make conversation with strangers and not be pushy, and being utterly miserable.  Usually for very little money.  Why did I think this would be fun again?

This time I was lured in by the low booth fee (only $10.00) and the short time commitment - just 5 hours.  Not counting about three hours for set-up and take down.  And I really should have thought about the outdoor part of this show.  

It was windy.

Really windy.

Very, very windy....

I spent a lot of time picking various items off the ground and replacing them on tables.  I joked that at least they weren't breakable, but I don't like my quilts and bags on the ground.  About an hour before the show was supposed to end I actually had to start taking quilts down because they were blowing so much.  The highway is just beyond that car you can see in between the quilts and I sure didn't want anything flying off and ending up on someone's windshield! I didn't even have a clue how in the world I was going to get through it with everything blowing the way it was.  Luckily a friend stopped by and helped me take it all down shortly after.  When we took down the canopy I found out why it hadn't blown away - my back corner leg had fallen into a storage bin for a hose....that was lucky for me or I might have been chasing the canopy, too!  (And I had cinder blogs tethered to each leg, as well!)

All of this to make about minimum wage for my 8 hours. time I am tempted to do another show, I promise to read this post again and remember.....Never Again!!!

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