Monday, June 30, 2014

Gone in a Flash

June was one of those months, I think!  Seems like I have been on the run on all month with very little to show for all of my effort.  Actually I do have something to show....empty space!  I spent a good part of the last couple of weeks going through my embarrassingly large collection of older quilt magazines.  Time to let go of these, but of course I had to thumb through them to make absolutely sure that the most amazing quilt pattern in the world wasn't in one of them.  I did find a pattern to use for a long overdue project - hurray!  And I only kept 3 or 4 of the older ones.  I did decide I wanted to keep my Quilter's Newsletter magazines.  The articles, you know!

I haven't finished my UFO for June, but will definitely try to get that done over the holiday weekend.  My husband has Jury duty the next couple weeks, so no traveling for us - we'll be spending the weekend here at home.  That's ok, because I have lots of quilting to do!  I made a little progress on my custom order quilt over the weekend, but my back really has slowed me down.  I plan to finish the top this week so I can work on quilting it next week.  Then I have fabric on the way for another custom order.  Cupcake fabric!  Can't wait to see it - that should arrive on Thursday morning.

In the meantime - here his how my "free-form bargello" quilt is coming:

I like it - it makes me think of waves on the shore!  Can't wait to see the full effect when I am finished.  I plan on quilting the blue with swirls and the green with a watery squiggle, maybe.  We'll see!  I might have to do something creative to get a little more length, depending on how far I can stretch my border fabric. No matter what, I think this quilt will be a winner!

Also up for work is my Block of the month pattern for the quilt shop.  I have two more blocks to finish and need to write the instructions to complete the project.  Never a dull moment around here.  At least I am feeling happy with the schedule I have set myself for working.  I try to do most of my alteration work on Mondays, then have the rest of the week for quilting.  It didn't quite work out for me last week, due to tweaking my back and having to work at the quilt shop all day Thursday, but at least I wasn't stressed out from deadlines on wedding dresses because I had it done already.

Well, I suppose I need to get my tired, rambling self to bed so I can get lots of sewing done tomorrow - hoping for a productive day of stitching!

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