Thursday, February 06, 2014

Stitches in Bloom at the Oregon Garden

At the end of January I had the interesting experience of sending my Barcelona Nights quilt to be displayed in a quilt show at the Oregon Garden.  It was mostly interesting because the Postal Service managed to lose my quilt for a couple of days and nearly gave us all heart failure!  Thank goodness it was found and made it to the show in time to be displayed (Thanks to a very lovely lady who was good enough to go pick it up at the post office when they left a notice instead of actually delivering it).  Mary, you have my undying gratitude for all your patience and kindness!

Then my husband and I went to the show to check out the quilts on Saturday - it was a good weekend for a road trip.  The show was awesome - so many inspiring quilts.  I took lots of pictures, so will share a few of my favorites here.

This is my sweetie with one that caught his eye.  He would like me to make a quilt with a leopard in a he thought this one was a good one to inspire me...I do like the silhouette of the tree a lot in this.

This one is definitely a favorite of mine!  See how the quilted lines in the sky get closer and closer?  I love the way this adds to the perspective of it.  I have some photographs I would love to make into quilts, so when we went to Powell's bookstore later, I picked up a quilting book on this!  So excited to try some new techniques.
 This one was gorgeous!  I felt kind of awkward posing by a quilt that wasn't mine, though!

The quilting in this one is so beautiful - very inspiring!
And here I am with my quilt - so glad it got there and hung in the show.  It was a good experience, and next time I am going to plaster the box with priority tape - what we think happened is that it got mistaken for a parcel post package and did not receive the priority handling I paid for.  I will also make sure and purchase the proper insurance.  I did not insure this package as it was only traveling 150 miles and I felt sure that it would come to no harm in such a short journey.  Not a good idea.  All's well that ends well, but I will not take such a chance again.

I'd encourage you to enter your quilt in a show, then go visit!  It's lots of fun, and very inspiring!

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Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Regarding postal insurance: it is my understanding that the Post Office will only pay for insured items that *have receipts*. So, if you keep your supply/fabrics receipts you *could* get repaid for them.

But your labor? No way.
The value of the quilt? No way.

At best, you'd get a partial reimbursement for the real value of the quilt. Very disillusioning. I always hold my breath when I am forced to mail quilts.

You might want to look into the other package delivery services as an alternative and inquire as to their insurance policies. I haven't myself, or I'd mention it.