Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 UFO Challenge

I am setting a challenge for myself this year and trying to empty out my drawer of a rather neglected assortment of partially finished projects that are just languishing there.  Each month I will draw a number and work on the project that is designated.  This way there is a bit of randomness and hopefully the one I really don't want to work on won't be the last one (which it would be if I weren't doing it randomly!).

The number I drew for January is number 7 - Northern Lights.  This is a quilt I designed for Threads That Bind.  We kitted it up and I wrote up the pattern.  I ended up taking a kit home for myself and it's been hanging out in various places in my sewing room.  I resisted putting it in the designated UFO drawer for a long time because it was never started, but I decided that since it was a kit that I should.  When I pulled out the kit I realized that it was missing a fat quarter....wonder how that happened?  So I had to go digging in my stash for a replacement.  Now I have all my fat quarters ready to go and will start working on piecing the top this week!  I will need to buy a back for this, so will be on the lookout for something I like.
This is what the original sample looked like...I love the border fabric!  As I work on this I'll be double checking my pattern instructions and will add it to my patterns for sale when I finish.  I thought it was a fun idea for a pattern.  I'd love to try it in some different fabrics, but I need to make this one first and get it done.

I'd love to have you join with me in my challenge - feel free to make your own list and play along - if we can get a few people interested we can link up at the end of the month to tell about our projects :)  Here's to ending 2014 with less UFO's and more finished projects!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis, I'm up for the challenge. Will be starting it a month late though since I am not home this month. Will get home on the 19th and work on my list of 11 UFO's to do this year. We did this sort of a challenge in our guild a few years ago and I actually really liked it as I got all my UFO's that I had picked (only had to do 5 I think) done. I love the random factor (we did it that way for the guild too), and the one you want to do last will probably not be the one that you have to do last.