Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wednesday WIPs - 8-14

Obviously I have my moments of being technologically challenged - I’ve been updating some past blog posts, and somehow this one decided it wants to be a new post!  (And it may well be a new post to many of you!).  I’ve updated the links, plus added a sign up for my 2020 Quilt Along at the bottom of my post, so you’ll want to check that out as enjoy this post from 2013!

Despite having a super busy week last week I did manage to start and finish a project!  We got in a new book and ruler at Threads That Bind, and Sharan asked me to play around with it and see if it might be fun for a class or two.  After playing with it, I definitely vote yes.  Although I've been avoiding buying any more new rulers because I simply have so many of them, the Triangler is a ruler that I think I would use a lot - plus you can use it for more than one quilt design!

I made this charming table runner in just an afternoon (even counting the time spent ripping out 1/2 of it because I thought I was creating a shortcut way of sewing it together...)  I even got it quilted and bound the next day.  I loved the way it was quilted in the book, so I just copied that.Oh, the book is called Angles With Ease - I expect you will see a couple more of the quilts here in the next few weeks :)

And I worked on more Blocks for my Classic Christmas Block of the Month out of these fabrics -
Hope to be as productive this coming week!  At least it won't be as hectic!

As usual - go check the Quiltsy Blog for more WIPs!

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thebutterflyquilter said...

Love how the runner came out! Cute!

Rosa said...

So beautiful runner