Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Yesterday was my birthday - and it was a very nice one.  I didn't do a thing all day, just enjoyed reading a book, relaxing in my chair and chatting with family on and off.  We went to Wendy's for a hamburger for dinner so I didn't even have to get dressed up!  I didn't even do any quilting or sewing of any kind, which strangely was a nice change of pace.  

Today wasn't much of a sewing day either, I guess I just needed a break!  I did get a queen size quilt basted and ready for quilting.  Tomorrow I will work on a red, white and blue top for a Quilt of Honor presentation.  I found a great idea for large blocks and will make 4 blocks, then add a border of red white and blue to bring it up to size.  I spent some time digging up fabric to use.  I know I have more patriotic fabrics somewhere, but failed to find them.  Oh well, I can use them on another project later!  

I got a package in the mail with two Honeycomb packs!  Very excited to work with those.  I think one might become a bag, and the other might have to make something interesting that I just thought of....looking forward to playing with those!  

Am I bad to be too lazy to go take any pictures?  Sorry, but I'm too comfy to get up right now!  I will post some tomorrow, though!  Right now it's about time for some ice cream and cake....yum!  I've been saving calories all week for this :)  Birthdays can be very nice even if you don't do anything special.  I've really learned to appreciate the simple things and enjoy each day as it comes!

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teachpany said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like the prefect way to recharge!