Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Summary - What I got done this week!

I actually had a pretty good week for sewing this week.  I had several alteration appointments and finished this week's deadlines - a maid of honor dress and shortening sleeves for the grandmother of the groom for the same wedding.  After that I couldn't decide whether to work on quilting some quilts, finishing tops, or working on some other projects.  I decided to finish one quilt, then I could go on to some of the piles!

I finished the quilting on Barcelona Nights and it is now hanging in Threads That Bind.  I'll take some more pictures of that this week, but here is what it looked like on my bed:
I pieced a baby quilt from a charm pack (also a shop sample) - here it is before I added the border - 

 Yesterday a pieced another sample from Angles With Ease - Rising Star Table Topper.  I think these fall colors are very pretty.  The star fabrics are from the new Sandy Gervais line.  This one is now basted and ready to quilt tomorrow!
Today I sewed a third sample from Angles With Ease.  I love the blues in it!  This one was a little bit trickier with the cutting and piecing, but the instructions were great, down to the pressing of the seam allowances.  This one is going to be very pretty once it is quilted.

Now I've reduced my piles of fabric that need to be pieced into quilt tops, but my pile of quilt tops that need to be quilted means that this week will be a quilting week for sure!  The good thing about that is I will have some nice new quilts to show off next Sunday, if my week goes according to my plan.  Which we know doesn't always happen, but a girl's got to be flexible you know....

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quilt of Honor Project

Quiltsy team is doing a quick community service project this month - we are making 5 quilts for a 9-11 ceremony honoring several veterans.  I volunteered to make a top.  I happened to see this design for a large block in a post on Facebook and thought it would be perfect if I made four big blocks with a border.  I used EQ7 to draw out the block and got to work today.  This is the first one - I love it!

Then I made block #2, reversing the blue and red blocks.  Very nice!

I needed another print, so dug into my stash and found the rest of my patriotic fabrics!  Hurray, I had some flag fabric to add to it and then to block number 3.

One more to go - I'll finish this up tomorrow and be ready to send it out to the quilter!  This was a really fun fabric and I love the blocks.  I think I might make up a couple more to finish into wall hangings.  Nice way to use of some of these red, white and blue fabrics!  It's fun to help with this worthy project and use some of my fabric stash at the same time.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Yesterday was my birthday - and it was a very nice one.  I didn't do a thing all day, just enjoyed reading a book, relaxing in my chair and chatting with family on and off.  We went to Wendy's for a hamburger for dinner so I didn't even have to get dressed up!  I didn't even do any quilting or sewing of any kind, which strangely was a nice change of pace.  

Today wasn't much of a sewing day either, I guess I just needed a break!  I did get a queen size quilt basted and ready for quilting.  Tomorrow I will work on a red, white and blue top for a Quilt of Honor presentation.  I found a great idea for large blocks and will make 4 blocks, then add a border of red white and blue to bring it up to size.  I spent some time digging up fabric to use.  I know I have more patriotic fabrics somewhere, but failed to find them.  Oh well, I can use them on another project later!  

I got a package in the mail with two Honeycomb packs!  Very excited to work with those.  I think one might become a bag, and the other might have to make something interesting that I just thought of....looking forward to playing with those!  

Am I bad to be too lazy to go take any pictures?  Sorry, but I'm too comfy to get up right now!  I will post some tomorrow, though!  Right now it's about time for some ice cream and cake....yum!  I've been saving calories all week for this :)  Birthdays can be very nice even if you don't do anything special.  I've really learned to appreciate the simple things and enjoy each day as it comes!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday WIPs - 8-14

Despite having a super busy week last week I did manage to start and finish a project!  We got in a new book and ruler at Threads That Bind, and Sharan asked me to play around with it and see if it might be fun for a class or two.  After playing with it, I definitely vote yes.  Although I've been avoiding buying any more new rulers because I simply have so many of them, the Triangler is a ruler that I think I would use a lot - plus you can use it for more than one quilt design!

I made this charming table runner in just an afternoon (even counting the time spent ripping out 1/2 of it because I thought I was creating a shortcut way of sewing it together...)  I even got it quilted and bound the next day.  I loved the way it was quilted in the book, so I just copied that.Oh, the book is called Angles With Ease - I expect you will see a couple more of the quilts here in the next few weeks :)

And I worked on more Blocks for my Classic Christmas Block of the Month out of these fabrics - 
Hope to be as productive this coming week!  At least it won't be as hectic!

As usual - go check the Quiltsy Blog for more WIPs!

And last, but not least - make sure you enter to win a $250.00 gift card from Etsy -

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

1000 sales on Etsy!

I am pretty excited today!  I've been watching my stats for the last few weeks waiting to see this....

1000 sales!   I think it's obligatory to give your best advice for selling when you reach a milestone like this, so here goes...."Make what you love".  Enjoy creating what makes your heart sing.  Keep trying new things, pushing your skill level, expanding your color choices.  Make a mistake.  Make something ugly, so you know what not to do next time!  Use some old fabric, buy some new fabric.  Finish a UFO.  Start 3 new quilts.  Just enjoy what you do, it will show.

I can't wait to see what the next 1000 sales will bring!  Hope you stick along for the ride :)