Saturday, July 27, 2013


Changes are a part of life, and the longer you are around the more changes you will experience.  I usually enjoy change, and have a positive attitude about it, though I have to admit I like it a lot better when it's my idea to initiate it!  When I heard that my local Joann's Fabric store was expanding I was actually pretty excited about it.  And though I am sure that I will continue to shop there, now that they are nearly completed with the conversion I am no longer so sure it is an improvement.

For one thing, I really dislike the fact that they have removed the outside door and I now have to walk all the way into the mall to get to the front door.  Apparently this was due to the mall owners request, but in order to get into the store you now have to walk a significant distance.  So it's no longer a quick stop, but a real shopping expedition.  Phooey.

I have not seen any of the regular employees that know me by name and remember my projects.  I have only been waited on by new employees that have been brought in from other places.  They don't seem as friendly, though that may come in time.  I hope those familiar faces are still there and haven't been phased out.  I miss them.

It sounds silly, but I don't like the way that you have to go through a maze to get to the cash registers.  Plus the candy aisle.  And the light fixtures are all set on the diagonal.  Why?  It seems very distracting to me.  And I have to take a number to get my fabric cut!  At least it's not a long wait, at least not until the next big sale.

I do like the new decorator fabrics!  And the racks are nice, you can see the fabric much better.  Lots of new notions and the batting and pillows are much easier to get to.  I guess I'll survive the change, but I'm not too sure that it's for the better.  I like hometown friendly, not corporate efficient.  I sure hope the friendly comes back.

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teachpany said...

I understand!! The JoAnn's I go to in Dickson City (Scranton, PA) changed a few years ago. The sales associates are still there, but they changed the layout. The store is an L shape. The fabric used to be in the larger L part, and crafts in the smaller. Now Crafts are in the large part, and they have a smaller selection of fabrics. Yes, more Home Dec, but that means much less in cottons, and dress fabrics. The dress fabrics used to be able to see, but now they are not. The aisle is too small, and the lighting is bad, and the fabrics are 3 tiers high, instead of just 2, and they still drape the ends. It's like walking through a spider web!! Not fun to shop there anymore. I only go for certain sale items. The one on Long Island is still okay, and Allentown is okay, too. Boo to corporate, though.