Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Wip - Glad to be Back!

After being gone all last week it was really nice getting back into my sewing room this week!  I pulled out a project I had left partially finished and decided to get it done.  After sewing 12 blocks I realized that they were all 1/2 an inch short.  I ended up ripping them totally apart, buying new fabric and redoing them because I had not only cut the center section short, but had also cut the center of the two side sections of the block short!  Once I got them finished I was very pleased that they measured correctly and went together with the other blocks perfectly.  So I got one top finished!  (Thought it is a small one.)
In between ripping out and going to the Quilt shop to buy more fabric I got the 12 foundation pieced blocks finished for Barcelona Nights.  They went together well, but I accidentally cut out four extra blocks.  Guess the quilt will have a matching throw pillow ;)
And I did some designing for a Block of the Month for the quilt shop I work at!  That was super fun, and I enjoyed checking out the new fabrics for Christmas.  I'm rather fond of Kate Spains line - In From the Cold.  Might have to find some online to play with!  Here is my Classic Christmas Block of the Month in those fabrics:  
Love using EQ7 to play with different fabric lines!

Today I chose fabric to actually make this quilt in, so maybe next week you will get to see that.  At the least you will get to see block one finished.  Are you working on Christmas stuff yet?  I am hauling my big box of Christmas fabrics down and will start working on some projects this month.  I have several quilts and other things in mind and can't wait to get some new fabrics, too! 

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Barb Neiwert said...

I groaned when I was reading about all the ripping out you were doing - been there, done that! I have a charm pack of the In From The Cold and really like it. Love your design for it.

thebutterflyquilter said...

I just finished ripping out myself. I think we all end up doing it at one time or another. Love the top quilt!