Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

 I can hardly believe it has been 33 years since these pictures were taken!  What a wonderful day - we look so young and happy, don't we?  The one thing we didn't get a good picture of was The Kiss - oh well.  I also  didn't find the picture of the groom singing - wonder where that went?  It was such a nice wedding - can you believe we got married in the morning?  I don't think anyone does that anymore.  I sewed my dress myself.  Quite a few of my friends also had made their dresses.  I don't think many brides do that anymore either!

During the ceremony we had a song playing and were both getting very teary, this one was a posed one after, we look a lot happier!

Reception was in the church  basement - pretty crepe paper streamers for decoration, plus the gorgeous cake.  Definitely different from how most wedding receptions are done now.   We had punch, nuts and mints with the cake.  We opened our presents right there, and had fun with our guests!  I love this picture!

This is the wedding party, including parents, pastor and ushers!
Ready to leave - we drove to California for our honeymoon.  Sweet memories of starting our married life!  I wouldn't change a thing, it was a wonderful wedding and a great beginning.  Life is always full of surprises, but together we have made it through a lot of adventures.  I'm sure we have a lot more to come!

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FabricFascination said...

The happiest of anniversaries to you Pamela! Our wedding was simple too, and I made my dress as well. Sometimes I think simple beginnings make for the best things in life.