Saturday, February 02, 2013

The pain of upgrading...

Well, I think I may just survive the pain and panic of upgrading my computer to Windows 8.  I was devastated that it removed all of my programs.  Little by little I am getting back to normal, but it is not fun at all.  Today I added Picassa, and re-installed EQ7.  Oh, horrors, the display on my monitor made all the blocks look lopsided.  So I spent 2 hours googling, downloading, installing, updating, more googling....and finally got the proper driver so that I could actually use the program and have all my blocks look square.  WHEW!

So, for your enjoyment, my first EQ7 Quilt for the year!  Butterflies in Bloom:

Now off to the couch for some non computer entertainment!  I'm sick of looking at this screen and ready to stick my nose in a book.

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Ann Symes said...

Love your EQ butterfly quilt! I'm still running Windows XP on my laptop because I don't want to start over!