Sunday, February 10, 2013

F2 - Kaleidoscope

Yahoo, I've brought out the Dear Jane bin again and the craziness shall start anew.  I actually purchased the Dear Jane software for my birthday present to myself, but haven't taken the time to load it or work with it.  It's definitely not EQ7, but it's easier than having to draw out the blocks, then having to print them.  This was as simple as finding the block and choosing to print it as paper piecing templates.  (Well, I did have to figure out where and how, but it probably would have taken me just as long to work with it in EQ7 or hand draw everything out) 

This block probably took me about an hour to put together.  Love how crisp the paper piecing makes the points!  Maybe this is the year that my Crazy Jane quilt gets finished.  I actually saw a fabulous machine quilted version that has me on the fence about my original plan of hand quilting this baby!  Well, I have a feeling that I've got plenty of time to decide ;)

I hope to get my chart done this week with all my blocks in it.  First I have to figure out where I put all my previous pictures.....when I upgraded I put all my pictures on flash drives so I wouldn't risk losing them, but I'm not sure which one the DJ pictures ended up on!  I know they are safe though, and I guess it's time to go through my pictures and sort them a bit.  Too many projects, too little time!

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