Sunday, January 06, 2013

A New Speed of Life

The first week of 2013 has sped by already - and it's been a pretty good one.  We celebrated the New Year in our usual low-key way, drove our youngest back to college, and have been adjusting to the new lifestyle of retired people.  That means that we don't have the alarm clock dictating our hours anymore!  Kind of nice, for a change.

I had hoped to get a few more things crossed off my list (actually I had hoped to make a list...) but I guess I just need to relax and learn to work at a new pace.  No more skipping lunch because I am so lost in my projects! 

I do have some specific projects I want to work on this week, so have those in order and ready to go.  I have 4 quillts to finish for listing in my Etsy shop, and two for myself.  Also some piecing and designing goals.  I think it will be fun :)

Oh, and just maybe - if luck is on my side - I'll be going to my first out of town quilt show!  Cross your fingers for me, I'd really love to get the chance, and if I do I will tell you all about it (with pictures!)

Me and my guy - not the best pic, but a cute one! 

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OliveStreetStudio said...

Happy Retirement! I'm so jealous of all the time you have for sewing now! :-)