Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trunk Show, Thanksgiving, and Seattle

What a busy week! Not much sewing going on, but a whole lot of driving, cooking, and networking!

My husband and I drove to Seattle to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of our engagement! We had a lovely time at the Space Needle, enjoyed a romantic dinner and I received a lovely new ring :). He is definitely a keeper, by the way...

We then drove back home, stopping to pick up the Dancer to come home for Thanksgiving. The usual 7 hour trip took several extra hours due to the horrid traffic :(. Then when I hot home I had to finish thawing the turkey and doing some meal prep. Up early the next dinner with a whole lot of cooking, eating, and hanging out with Two of our girls. Fun, but I was worn out by the time I finished all the clean up!

Friday was last minute prep for the trunk show, then Saturday was setting up, manning the booth, and tearing down. Unfortunately the show was not well attended, but I did all right. I had fun visiting with my neighboring vendor, Hannah, and admiring her wares!

Today was another trip to return our Dancer to school. Two more weeks and she will be home for a month! Yay! I'm looking forward to more sewing this week - I have a very special project that is almost finished and can't wait to show it to my friend/customer!

When did we start looking like old folks?  I never do like looking at myself in pictures...

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