Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The 'Burbs" goes home (Good-bye Doll Houses)

I feel like I've been obsessively posting about this quilt, but I promise, this is the last one.  I've been calling it the Doll House Quilt, but it's proper name is "The 'Burbs" from the Material Obsession book.  It was fun to work on, and I really enjoyed the big stitch quilting done with Perle Cotton.  I've got plans for doing more of that for sure!  The shy lady got her apron tacked down so it can't go up over her face anymore.  All 42 flowers are stitched and clipped every 1/4 inch.

This quilt was finished with machine stitched binding, and a cute label with hats on it because it reminded me of Carla. I added that it was the most fun quilt she ever made and that it was a pleasure for me to finish it for her family. 

 Her daughter picked it up today before the party her friends planned as a memorial.  The quilt was to be displayed there along with some of her other quilts and painted projects.  She was very artistic, and a wonderful lady.  I know she will be very much missed, but the beauty she created will live on.  I think that's partly why many of us love to create.  So that we will leave something behind for our loved ones to remember, a legacy so we aren't quickly forgotten.  I'm glad I can leave something tangible behind for my loved ones, to comfort and cheer them. 

And that I can watch my friends and family enjoy the work of my hands now is also a sweet thing!  Definitely something to be cherished and enjoyed.  I hope you enjoy creating something special this week - have fun and make something joyful!

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