Thursday, February 02, 2012

Downright Dangerous!

This is what I say I'll be in twenty years! As forgetful as I am now... I can't imagine how I will be then. I totally forgot about Quilt Guild tonight! I was thinking about it earlier today - planning out how to deliver all the secret sister gifts, leave and go to my dance team meeting, but for some reason as the afternoon wore on, I spaced it out. My husband had me help him do some repair on our fence and I was working out some ideas for some new samples for the shop and before you know it, I had to leave for the Dance team meeting. I didn't even think about the Quilt Guild meeting until I was cozy in my chair for the evening! So irritating.

On the other hand, I got that butterfly quilt ready to be quilted, just have to do some minor repairs and replace a few of the black bodies. I played around with EQ7 and managed a pretty good copy of the block, then printed the templates and made one of my own in some of my Amy Butler scraps. I'm loving it! If you click on the picture, you can download my free pattern - I warn you, it's a little tricky and involves lots of templates, but if you are up for a bit of a challenge give it a try! Let me know if you try it and tell me what you think of my instructions. I didn't want to write a long explanation, so I tried to keep it simple. (You do have to sign up for an account, but my pattern is free.)

Well, I need to get busy and get myself ready for a long day tomorrow. I'll be riding in a car for 3 1/2 hours, spending another 6 or so hours at a dance competition, then spending another 3 1/2 hours riding home. It's gong to be a very long day, with no quilting. Unless I decide it would not be bad manners to bring some hand sewing to work on in the car while the other mom drives. Hmmm. What's the etiquette on that? I wouldn't bring a book, but I can stitch and chat at the same time. Oh, I don't know, I guess I'll tuck a few blocks in my bag in case. I'll let you know what I decide!


Pia said...

Hello Pamela
I just wanna say thank you for the piece of fabric you sent me. I received it the other day and soon I'll be using it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, never mind, that answers my question! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. It made a beautiful quilt, and I could see making some - maybe not 90, but some. =)