Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Quilting 3:2 and Plenty of Piecing!

It's been quite a busy week, at least as far as quilting goes! I really had a lot of other things to work on, but I didn't want to miss out on making another quilt for the Project Quilting challenge this week. The theme of the challenge was fun - it was called Making Music and we were supposed to make a quilt based on a song. I was excited because I have several quilts based on songs floating around in my head, but I soon realized that they were not quilts that could be easily made in a one week span! As the days started ticking by, I kept trying to come up with another idea that would work for my theme. Finally, the pile of fabrics with roses that I have been shuffling around my sewing room all week and the June Taylor ruler I won from Moda merged together and the song title became obvious! Something simple, like Ring Around the Rosies! Woo hoo, I was ready for sewing - fabric, theme, and tools were all set to go.I cut four squares of blue, four squares of pink, a rose print for the center and borders and used my ruler to cut the squares out. (ignore the fact that the one pink square looks like a different color, because it wasn't! These are the squares you have left after cutting with the special ruler. I started out with a piece of fabric 20 x 20 inches
After cutting the smaller squares and sewing back together my piece measured 12 1/2 inches! I thought about making a pillow, but decided on a small quilt for a table topper or wall.
And here is the finished quilt, complete with some accent beading. I had a hard time with the binding, there wasn't enough of the blue fabric or the roses, which would have been my top two choices. I was really pleased with how the pink looked after I had it on, though.
I've been making stacks of triangles for Ann's quilt. I hope to have the top for this one done early next week. I think I'm about halfway done now.
Don't they look nice all together?
I also finished 15 of these this week. Only 85 left to go :/ Trying to keep a positive attitude, but I want to get this project finished soon! With any luck I'll have 35 more done by next Saturday. I also finished up the T-Shirt quilt! I'll take pictures tomorrow and show it - it really deserves it's own post!

Hope you have a good quilting week - don't forget to check out the Home Sweet Home Quilt along! If you need me to send you a pdf of my block instructions, let me know, and I still have more of the houses to give away if you want one make sure to let me know.




Christie said...

Your quilts are so pretty, so much work has gone into them. I am not a quilter (yet, it's on my to try list)but I love the designs here.

Wendy said...

Love your Ring Around the Rosies, especially how the quilting gives a swirling effect. Very pretty.