Monday, October 10, 2011

Stitching Selvages

Today I got to spend a good long time in the sewing room, stitching away! I was working on a custom order for two of my little selvage projects. I had fun digging into my pile of selvages and making a pair of fun little fabric buckets for another person who is crazy about selvages. I also made a few more while I was at, since I only have two left in my Etsy shop.

I tweaked my design a bit, adding extra to the lining so I could fold it over and make a colored accent at the top of the bucket.
Did you know how hard it is to photograph purple? It always wants to be blue! But I did a lot of tweaking, and it looks purple to me, now.

I also finished up my Dresden plates for my sampler quilt. I can't wait to work on that and put the top together, but I probably won't get to stitch that until Thursday... at least I know it will happen soon! I am so excited to see if it's going to look as good as it does in EQ7 - I sure hope it does! In the meantime, I get to work at the quilt shop for a couple days, and have some projects that will need some stitching waiting for me there, you'll get to see those tomorrow ;)

Looking forward to more stitching this week!


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