Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Day

That makes two days this week with no stitching! Definitely not the norm for me, but I hope to make up for it this coming week. The man of the house will be back to work, and I will not have the extra meetings and work this week myself. I did get two boxes with lots of sewing projects that I get to work on (the first box arrived yesterday!). My dear customer Margie has outdone herself with this batch of wonderful bags and goodies, I will be happily sewing for the next few weeks on these lovelies!

This is my Buster cat. He likes to sit in my lap and tries to compete with the computer. I can't decide if he looks pathetic or just plain spoiled! A little of both. We share this chair, and if I'm not sitting in it, he likes to nap in it. He only has one eye, but gets along just fine and is a sweet boy. He doesn't keep me company in my sewing room like his sister used to, but loves to snuggle when I'm blogging!

Such a life - doesn't he look like a neglected kitty? You should see when he tries to lay on the keyboard, we have our battles for sure!

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